Dental Sedation

At City Health Clinic we understand that some patients may need a helping hand when it comes to facing their fears and phobias of dental treatment. Some patients may even have put off attending a dental clinic for several years due to their dental anxiety or past experiences.

Our dedicated, caring and friendly dental clinic is on hand to help make sure you are safe and comfortable at all times during your visit, helping you to build that much-needed trust and confidence. For the most nervous, dental sedation is also worth considering - please ask us for a consultation.

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IV dental Sedation helps to relax you, making you less aware of the treatment being carried out whilst still being awake, this treatment ensures you feel comfortable while we restore your mouth and teeth to good oral health. An initial consultation can be arranged with one of our sympathetic dentists to discuss your dental needs and if Conscious IV Sedation could help you. This will allow you to meet with the team who will be looking after you before you visit us for treatment, giving you the chance to discuss your fears and ask any questions. A separate appointment will then be arranged to carry out your treatment, with the help of Sedation if preferred.

Why not ask our dental sedation nurse any other questions you may have about our dental sedation service.

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Need help with Dental Sedation, no fear we have you covered. Contact us today on 0131 228 2442 to schedule an appointment. We welcome new patients from Tollcross, Lothian, Corstorphine, Morningside, Haymarket, Southside, Brunsfield, and the surrounding areas.