City Health Clinic Edinburgh Renewable UK

RUK Wind Turbine Medicals

We offer Wind Turbines Medicals, which are industry-recommended Medical Fitness to Work assessments for the renewable energy sector, applicable to both near offshore and land-based projects.

Each assessment takes approximately 45 minutes and includes the following components:


Completion and discussion of the RUK medical health questionnaire.

Physical examination to measure height, weight, and BMI.

Urine testing.

Vision testing, assessing near, distance, and color vision.

Audiometry testing to evaluate hearing.

Chester Step Test to assess cardiovascular fitness.

For your visit, please bring the following items: a photo ID (such as your passport or driving license), any medications you are taking, and any relevant doctor or hospital letters and test results. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, please bring them along. Also, wear comfortable clothing suitable for the Chester Step Test.

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