GP Consultation Fees

Private GP Medical Consultations Available.

Choose between face-to-face or virtual consultations with our GPs. For guidance on selecting the most suitable consultation for your requirements, refer to our dedicated GP consultations page.

For a guide on what GP Consultation would be right for you, please check our GP Consultations page.

Our fees are VAT exempt.

Duration and Pricing:

  • 15 Minutes | £75
  • 30 Minutes | £125
  • 45 Minutes | £175
  • 60 Minutes | £200
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GP Home Visits

For a home visit within a 1-mile radius of our clinic, the cost is £350 for the first hour, which includes travel time.

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Health Screenings

Our Core Health Screen starts at £550.

Additional fees may apply for any required add-on tests or modules.

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Visas and Other Health Assessment Forms

Visa and personal medical form requirements can vary significantly.

Please email us your forms, and we’ll gladly offer you a quote. As a rough estimate, the cost typically ranges from £150 to £300 for clinic time, plus any expenses for blood tests and investigations.

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Cancellation Fees

Cancellations can be made via email or by phone 0131 228 9241

More than 24 hours’ notice is required for a full refund of your deposit. Cancellation within 24 hours of appointment time or failure to attend, the 50% deposit will
be non-refundable.

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Medical Letters

Our correspondence services are charged at a pro-rata rate of £300 per hour. Here's a simple guide to our typical charges. Fees may be waived if the letter can be completed during the consultation.

  • Referral to Specialist: £50 to £100
  • Simple Letter: £30 to £50
  • Private Sick Certificate: £50
  • Holiday Cancellation Certificate: £50
  • Repeat Prescription (existing customers only): £25
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For Businesses

OEUK Offshore Medical: £150

OEUK Add-ons:

  • OEUK EBS (Fit to Train): +£30
  • OEUK ERS (Emergency Response): +£50
  • Non-Evidential Drug Test: +£50
  • Wind Turbine Medical: +£195
  • DVLA Medical Forms: +£120

Pre-Employment Health Screen by Questionnaire: Costs vary; please contact us for details.
OEUK Add-ons:

Pre-Employment Face-to-Face Assessment: Costs vary; please contact us. However, an approximate cost is £150 to £300 plus the expenses for tests.

Back-to-Work Occupational Assessment and Report: An estimated cost is £250.

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