Health screening is a valuable tool for assessing your health,

offering either reassurance or identifying potential health issues. At City Health Clinic Edinburgh, we emphasise the importance of interpreting screening results in the context of each patient’s unique circumstances, as results alone can be misleading without personalised analysis.

Most of our patients are in good health, and our doctors are deeply committed to health promotion and performance coaching. Our standard health screening package includes up to 90 minutes of face-to-face time with a doctor, part of which can be dedicated to lifestyle coaching if necessary.

Our experience has taught us the benefits of continuity of care, building relationships, and observing trends over successive screenings. A health screen at our clinic is an excellent starting point for our relationship, providing us with a comprehensive snapshot of your health, which enhances our ability to care for you in future consultations.

Our Unique Modular Approach to Health Screening:

At City Health Clinic Edinburgh, we recognise that everyone’s health needs are different, which is why we adopt a modular approach to health screening, customising it to fit each client’s specific requirements.

The Core Health Screen includes:
  • 90 minutes with a doctor, starting with a 15-minute preliminary appointment for goal setting and test sampling, followed by a 75-minute session to discuss results and complete the assessment.
  • Full physical examination tailored to age and sex
  • Lifestyle assessment and family history review to assess disease risk
  • Medical history review
  • Resting electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Risk calculations for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
  • Audiogram and spirometry tests as needed
  • Comprehensive blood testing, including full profiles for haematology, lipids, electrolytes, muscle damage, inflammation, bone metabolism, liver function, iron storage, and thyroid function
  • Specific tests like prostate-specific antigen and diabetes screening, including HBA1C and glucose levels
  • Urinalysis and Grip Strength Monitoring
  • Optional additional tests are available upon initial consultation (additional costs may apply).

All results are discussed in detail during your consultation and compiled in a personalised report. If necessary, we can also facilitate a transition back to NHS care, ensuring you receive the most appropriate treatment.

Additional Tests

At City Health Clinic Edinburgh, we offer a wide range of additional tests tailored to meet your specific health needs. Below is a list of some common tests that you may consider:


  • Lung Cancer Screening: High-resolution CT scan of the chest.
  • QFIT: Stool occult blood test.
  • QCAL: Stool occult blood test with inflammatory protein marker.
  • Cervical HPV Test: If HPV positive, cytology is performed.
  • Ca125: Marker for potential ovarian or gut cancer.
  • Sex Hormone Profiles: Available for both male and female.
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Risk Blood Tests: Includes Lp-PLA2, hsCRP, Apolipoprotein B, and Lipoprotein(a).
  • Advanced Thyroid Blood Package: Includes thyroid antibodies.
  • Advanced Gastric Symptom Screening Package: Tests for H. pylori, coeliac antibodies, fecal blood, inflammatory bowel markers, and pancreatic insufficiency.
  • Segmental MRI Screening.
  • Ultrasound Screening: For structural heart defects and pelvic pathology (for women).
  • Vitamin Levels: D, B12, and Folate.
  • CT Angiography.
  • Helicobacter Pylori Stool Test: For diagnosing infections related to chronic stomach symptoms.
  • Coeliac Antibodies Test.
  • STI Screening.
  • Enteric Pathogen Test: Stool infection test.
  • Antimullerian Hormone Test: Fertility assessment.
  • Large Bowel Colonoscopy: Screening for colorectal issues.
  • Liver Scans: For fibrosis or hepatic steatosis (fatty liver).
  • Sleep Disorder Screening: Including sleep apnoea.
  • Targeted Genetic Cancer Risk Screening: Requires careful consideration before undertaking.
  • Weight Loss Modules: May include follow-ups and medications such as semeglutide (Wegovy).

These tests are part of our commitment to providing comprehensive and personalised health care. Please consult with our doctors to determine which tests are most suitable for your health profile and needs.